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#theslenderblend chocolate protein is my new favorite. Here's an easy, quick recipe; two scoops of protein + one scoop of peanut butter + hand full of blue berries + one cup of water + a few ice cubes...

These @proteinworld products is my little secret to achieving my fitness goals. Stay Ready ?? #theslenderblend

Looking thicker than a snicker ? well...now I know where these 10lbs I gained went ?

Hershey's ? ( What's your favorite chocolate ??? )

No F??cks Given !!! Defiantly a different look for me and I loved it. ? @lancegross ? @mugopus ? @michaelcostello

Behind the scenes shooting some new ? with @lancegross dress @michaelcostello makeup and hair @mugopus more #bts on my snapchat ? SuelynStory

It was certainty a struggle getting this little piece on, but I hope the pics come out nice ? shooting some new ? with @lancegross hair and mua @mugopus #magazineshoot

@mugopus beats the face right ? David & Josie killed it today. Beat Down hair & makeup ? check out all my #BTS on my snap chat ? SuelynStory

My favorite mornings start like this...I'm not lucky I'm blessed ?

?My man full, he just ate... (Song?)

☀️Hello Sunshine !!! Photography ?@krishphotos ?makeup @mugopus

?My favorite swimsuit look of today's photoshoot goes to this little red piece !!! More BTS on my snapchat ? SuelynsStory (what's your favorite color?)

@proteinworld has helped me achieve my fitness goals ?? The secret is hard work and perseverance. ?Hard work pays off and perseverance keeps you going. #slenderblend

Oh Marilyn, how I've missed thee. Shooting some ? with one of my favs @ryanastamendiphotography / @4janine BTS on snap ? SuelynsStory

My heartbeat ❤️

Another Day At The Office... ( jacket @alexanderwangny #runwaycollection // one piece @hotmiamistyles ) #bts

The future looks promising...never look back! #bts #iphonepic

Clearly I've been eating too much cake

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