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Before this heat wave comes can we just have 1 more snow day?❄️

Tall but still baby me at 16

Such a pretty head piece from one of my favs

Finally my hair is growing

When your boyfriend is also your best friend❤️

Today will be 3 years since I lost my big sister.. Words still can not describe how hard it is not having her around or being able to just simply call her to tell her about my day.. So on days like th...

Awee #tb to when we first started dating

Being a big sister is pretty cool

Not a morning person

Was kinda digging my makeup yesterday

#tb to when we thought these hats were cute

Playing around with some fun hair apps this ones look pretty legit

#Tb to when I got to wear this beautiful dress

Maybe I'll get abs someday like my babe

Can't believe it's almost been 10 months since our first gym sesh which was also part of our first date lol

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Группа «Фабрика» в мартовском номере MAXIM!
Группа «Фабрика» в мартовском номере MAXIM!