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I had to document the fact that I actually got ready today, also that this highlighter is my new obsession ☀️

Shoutout to @kmac_52 for getting me off my ass today it's not an easy task

My little muffin who also looks like my prom date but oh well it's sunday so drink up @madilouch

Finally in bed and it's such a good feeling. Goodnight

My wing woman is better than yours

My best friend is finally 21! Happy birthday to this crazy gorgeous little blonde @madilouch! Thank you for being my side kick for 12 years and making me laugh so hard this weekend I can skip my ab wo...

@madilouch birthday weekend dysfunction has begun

Coachella always does me good

Adulting is hard when it's only Tuesday ☕️

Last night with my favorite

Hi @juliannamariee_ I miss you and these days shooting in the

It doesn't look like it but I swear I'm happy, also it's friday

Festival season shopping at @siblingsshowroom

I guess you can say I'm pretty athletic

This has nothing to do with Saint Patrick's day but I'm riding a swan so that's cool

In need of a no shirt required getaway, taking suggestions on where I should go

There's a reason sunday is my favorite day of the week

So happy the rain stopped, enjoying downtown on the hunt for drinks ☀️

Come on baby light my fire

Dear rain please go away so I can get some

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Группа «Фабрика» в мартовском номере MAXIM!