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My little sister is pretty good with a camera ??? @libsmithh


Me and my hair aren't friends right now. I look tired, but to be fair to myself I am, and I'm not wearing make-up so leave me alone.


Tired and moody. But #GameOfThrones

Happy bank holiday!! ? Here's another popo #polaroid

Midsummer Nights Dream at Shakespeare's Globe with my Meisners ?

Another polaroid taken by @libsmithh .. At the time I thought it would be a good idea to pour water on myself. Actually it looks like I just peed my pants. ??

Almost there #Freedom

Smileeeeee!! Polaroid by @libsmithh ? #ghost

Enjoying my early morning Lincoln charity browse ?

Popped by Lincoln on the way back to London this morning. How lovely ?

Be a rebel

Grey but Humid



Blue birding

Polaroids are on my list of favourites ...

Polaroids are on my list of favourites ...

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Кажется, впервые на обложке MAXIM появилась девушка, которая зарабатывает на жизнь своим чувством юмора!